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The perfect mix: Foundation 6 + Total CMS

We have worked with many systems over the past 20 years. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo 3, just to name a few. We have now found the ideal combination: Foundation 6, a modern and lightning-fast framework, combined with the ultra flexible and easy-to-use Total CMS. Never before have we been able to build the most complex sites so quickly that are a relief for you as an administrator to work with.

Modern sites

Foundation 6 uses the latest technologies available on the web. Your site is built for speed!

Compact websites

Your published website is a lot smaller than with other techniques. The entire Foundation framework is smaller than a single image.

Made for mobile

Foundation 6 is based on the mobile first principle. Your site is guaranteed to be ready for use on all mobile devices.


Your site does not come from a box or a pre-baked template. It is custom-made, but can be realized quickly, flexible and expandable.

The best CMS

Never struggle with Wordpress or Joomla again? With Total CMS you have the most powerful and simple CMS to manage your site.

For everyone

Foundation 6 has built-in tools to make your site truly accessible to everyone (A11Y/Aria compliant).

Who is this combo suitable for?

For cultural institutions and companies...

who plan many different productions and need to be able to launch websites quickly to fill the halls...

For design agencies...

who make the most beautiful designs, but that cousin who knows Wordpress can't make chocolate out of it (yeah, that is an actual Dutch saying), and certainly not a website...

For the self-employed & entrepreneurs...

who are short of hands and feet (a Dutch saying also) and want to focus mainly on the business and not on their website...

For large companies...

who need to launch a product site quickly but are told by the IT department that there are other things on the planning board in the coming increment. But hey, your site is on the backlog, so maybe Q3...


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Would you like to know more about Foundation 6 or would you like to see Total CMS in action (that will make you really happy!), please contact us via the contact form.

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